Jason Lee

I am a Ph.D student in Computer Science at New York University, where I work on generative modelling with a focus on text. I am a member of the CILVR group and work closely with Kyunghyun Cho.

Before joining NYU, I received my Bachelors and Masters from St John's College, University of Cambridge and worked as a research assistant at ETH Zürich. I also spent time at Google Brain and Facebook AI Research as an intern.

My research is supported by Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (2016-2017).

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Jason Lee

Iterative Refinement in the Continuous Space for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation
J. Lee, R. Shu and K. Cho
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On the Discrepancy between Density Estimation and Sequence Generation
J. Lee, D. Tran, O. Firat and K. Cho
In submission, 2020
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Inference using a Delta Posterior
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Countering Language Drift via Visual Grounding
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Emergent Translation in Multi-Agent Communication
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Fully Character-Level Neural Machine Translation without Explicit Segmentation
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